Common injuries generally call for a standard ice bag to reduce swelling and pain. Swelling occurs immediately after impact or strain. With time being a crucial component, the Steel Wrap allows for one to have quick access to cold relief for the 20 minutes on and off intervals usually prescribed by physicians.

A standard 14 cube ice tray with a regular freezer setting takes roughly 3 hours to make a full tray of ice.  These ice cubes melt in 1 hour 45 mins in a standard 75F room. Stainless Steel has the ability to change temperature almost instantaneously according to its environment.  Though the steel does not stay cold very long because of its high heat exchange rate, it can provide ample cold for a limited of time necessary enough to reduce immediate swelling found in impact injuries. Ice bags can be messy as they melt and tend to refreeze in larger blocks of ice. This hassle-free method allows for the quickest turnaround time for cold relief when applied immediately after impact.
The form was established in consideration of ergonomic properties found within one’s hand. In combination with the bandolier belt concept, this modular design can fit almost any contortion of the body.  The rubber housing has three alternative sizes which can be used interchangeably to fit multiple purposes.  The rubber strips can flex on all axis and can be stretched in any direction. 

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