This Cafe and Bar project aims to capture the Nespresso experience through art and culture by immersing itself in the Julliard's lobby - Alice Tully Hall at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City. Nearly everything on the floor other than the designer seating has been tailor-made for this space. CNC cut maple screens with powder-coated steel bases sit atop a custom color graphic rug with reference to a genome.  Linearly stacked Corian wrapped tables pay homage to Nespresso’s signature coffee packaging design. 
Custom padded kangaroo leather-topped cushion stools were designed to be heavy to deter theft. Similarly, the Corian tables and screens had significant weight to them in order to keep the exciting layout set as it provided ample room for circulation and ADA access. The large tailormade rug proved to be one of the biggest challenges as each of the genome rectangles was sewed in rather than printed on. 

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