A breakthrough in sportswear technology: protective pads 3D printed using the Carbon Design Engine and their state-of-the-art printers. This project showcases the incredible power of computational design and additive manufacturing to elevate athletic performance and safety. Engineered with advanced structures, these pads offer unparalleled protection and comfort. Precise customization and optimization creates equipment that is both lightweight and incredibly strong. Revolutionizing sports safety with performance and superior protection, setting a new standard in the industry. Travis Hunter out of Colorado was the first NCAA Athelete Advisor with pads customized with his personal TH brand - and given his stamp of approval.
Product design & development of Football thigh pads compuationally designed in partnership with Carbon, leveraging their Design Engine. These 3D printed FreeForm thigh pads outperformed all existing pads in the market on the impact testing that was performed at Ohio State’s Sports Lab, tested by the Medical advisor to the Big 10, John Bolte, PhD. The soft launch of the pads started in Fall of 2022 and worn by NCAA athletes of several teams including Colorado Buffalos and Texas Longhorns.

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