The VeloxAI is a revolutionary concept shoe that seamlessly marries the swiftness and grace of the iconic roadrunner bird with additive technology. This innovative footwear creation represents a quantum leap in the world of footwear, redefining the boundaries of design, sustainability, and function.

The VeloxAI standout feature is its striking 3D knit upper, a design entirely crafted through the power of artificial intelligence. Drawing inspiration from the roadrunner's agility and sleek form, the intricate 3D pattern is a marvel of both aesthetics and function. It adapts to the contours of the wearer's foot, offering a tailored and snug fit that enhances overall comfort. Crafted from recycled polyester, this upper material not only provides lightweight breathability but also champions sustainability by repurposing discarded materials, minimizing waste, and reducing the carbon footprint.
Beneath the eye-catching upper, the midsole of the VeloxAI takes footwear technology to new heights. A strategic and intricate lattice pattern was developed to ensure that all forces along the footbed were distributed evenly. The blend of AI-generated design, recycled materials, and cutting-edge 3D printing technology makes the VeloxAI an unparalleled footwear innovation.
In collaboration with VARIANT3D
Additional Collaborators - F=F and Stratasys
The main inspiration for the shoe design was found in analyzing the form and function of the footbed structure of a Velox Bird (Roadrunner) This speedy and lightfooted bird gracefully covers a lot of ground quickly because of its lightweight and how well the feet rebound off the ground. We wanted to try and emulate this.
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