Visionary Innovation Designer and Inventor with experience in pioneering computational design and digital fabrication techniques. Specializing in additive manufacturing and excelling in transforming ideas into patented, market-ready products. Proven track record in leading innovative projects, bridging the gap between digital and physical realms, and delivering impactful solutions across multiple industries. Adept at leveraging advanced technologies to create customized, scalable designs from concept to completion.
OPT Industries
Lead Computational Designer
2012 - Present
PolyBrush  - Vibratory Brush | Medford, MA
Design and development of a vibratory brush mat used on manufacturing floors to convey parts
Generated $250k in sales within the first year of launch (Patent Pending) 
Universal Studios ATI | Orlando, FL
Managed a computational design R&D team for an underwater attraction and interactive experience.
False Nails | Medford, MA
Design & development of a of false nails with unique textured patterns for AM production at scale. (Patent pending)
Cosmetic Foundation Sponge | Medford, MA
Development of a 3DP foundation sponge for a makeup applicator utlizing a strategic absorption/rebound lattice structure.
Swatch - Watch Dial | Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
Designed intricate, micro-detailed watch faces for a small 3D printed manufacturing run for a special edition Swatch lifestyle watch. 
WRNS Studio
Senior Designer
Microsoft Theater & Campus | 643,000 sqft | Mt.View, California
Theater design with parametrically developed stone exterior using Grasshopper/Rhino. Ongoing consultant coordination for CD and permit package support for a two-story, Type III-B construction which incorporates over 200,000 sqft of PV & green roofs.
El Camino Medical Office Building | 267,150 sqft | Mt.View, California
Developed 100% CD package ultimately securing a permit for a LEED Silver, eight-story high rise with Type IA Construction. 
Continued on to CA duties for the exterior GFRC panels, foundation, and garage portions of the project. 
Facebook Office Space | 74,000 sqft | Menlo Park, California
Tenant improvement office design for 1100 employees for a single-story space with an upgraded mezzanine including food service & event spaces. Two windowless warehouse buildings were joined to create a singular skylight-filled volume. Worked on SD, DD, CD, and CA.
KMD Architects
Senior Designer
King Faisal University Medical Colleges Complex | 130,000 sqm | Al Ahsa, Saudi Arabia
Designed 4 medical colleges buildings that include an academic building with classrooms, lecture halls, and faculty offices. Developed the design concept from principles of wind erosion and used wind flow analysis to shape the parametric exterior form and roof system. 
Changfeng Auto Center | 430,000 sqm | Shanghai, China
Schematic design for a retail automobile super-center for SOG and SAIC. Developed an envelope concept synonymous to the exterior form of a car with a parametric design perforation hierarchy which would reflect the interior programmatic elements uniquely.
Zappos Corporate Headquarters | 305,000 sqft | Las Vegas, NV
Tenant improvement design within the existing Las Vegas City Hall for Zappos headquarters. Worked on the concept, SD, DD, CD, and CA.
2012 - Present
- Co-founded an R&D consulting agency specializing in bridging the gap between digital design and tangible product through AM
- Leveraged computational design to deliver innovative and impactful solutions for clients across diverse fields, scales, and mediums.
- Established design workflows and custom tool sets for clients and internal use on product design and for additive manufacturing.
- Nurtured partnerships with companies in software, AM companies and material developers for R&D consulting on DfAM projects.

FreeForm Sports | Austin, TX
Product design & development - Football thigh pads compuationally designed in partnership with Carbon, leveraging their Design Engine.
nTopology Skate Frame & Wheel Case Study | New York, NY
Product design & development - Skate frames for a software case study testing topology optimization for 3DP with MJF glass-filled nylon
Stratasys / Henkel Material Case Study | San Francisco, CA
Product design & development - Snowboard binding & kick scooter for application of high impact resins: Loctite’s 3172™ & IND486™
CareSpace Health Band + Hardware Design | Portland, OR
Product design & development - A first-generation integrated health band/hardware while working closely with mechanical engineers. Performed material testing/research for injection molding and additive manufacturing models for large & small-scale production runs.
Deckers 3D printed footwear - Origin Laboratories | San Francisco, CA
Research design & development - 3D printed midsoles for footwear clients with the intention to go direct to market for a limited series run. Lattice structured midsoles created using parametric modeling, FEA testing specific material tolerances on a P3™ resin 3D printer.
Nespresso Prelude Cafe & Bar | 3,200 sqft | New York, NY
Design & fabrication consulting for Nespresso’s first prototype cafe in a public space - Alice Tully Hall - Lincoln Center, in NYC
Custom fabricated Corian tables, CNC cut cherry wood screen panels and stools sit atop a 1050 sqft machine-stitched super graphic rug. 
Glade Pinecone Treehouse | 200 sqft | Santa Cruz, CA
Design & fabrication consulting for Glade on a fully suspended structure that sits between 6 giant Coastal Redwood trees. 56 Laser 
CNC'd steel diamond frames come together along with marine-grade plywood that parallels the openings 30ft above the forest floor. 
paid research
Mindesk VR
Solutions Architect
UX/UI development of a VR/AR software plugin for Rhino which allows 3D modeling in real-time with 6 degrees of freedom.
Produced a series of video tutorials for the user interface testing using the HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, Windows MR, and Meta 
Website development, marketing media, and materials for professional use cases. Mindesk has been acquired by Vection Technologies. 

Artist in Residence
- Participated in a residency program at Autodesk’s Pier 9 that was geared toward testing the Ember 3D printer. 
- Conceptualized and crafted a unique jewelry collection inspired by the suspended weightlessness found in marine life. 
- Conducted extensive Design of Experiments (DOE) predominantly centered on wax-infused UV polymer resins. 
- The resulting commercial offerings, crafted in silver and gold, employ the traditional lost wax casting technique.
University of Pennsylvania​​​​​​​
Philadelphia 2010-2011
Master of Architecture
Fabrication Lab Manager - Operated and managed 3 laser cutters, file troubleshooting, material research & experimentation
Carnegie Mellon University
​​​​​​​Pittsburgh 2005-2010
Bachelor of Archtiecture
Wood Shop Manager - Supervised operations, instructed students, machine maintenance, performed & taught advanced carpentry
Syracuse University
​​​​​​​Florence 2009
Architecture Study Abroad
Cornell University
​​​​​​​Ithaca 2004
Summer College of Architecture
Cambridge 2024
Business Innovation Certificate 
Design Strategy and Business Design
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
​​​​​​​Cambridge 2020
Online Certificate 
Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Design and Production 
LEED Green Associate
San Francisco 2012
Academy of Arts University
San Francisco 2015-Present
Adjunct Faculty - Jewelry & Metal Arts
Built introductory & advanced courses in 3D modeling & printing. Lectured on the future of additive manufacturing for wearable designs and material research. Constructed a continuing online version of this course for off-campus students. Designed and planned the 3D lab build-out for the course to utilize. 
JEM 143: 3D Modeling & Printing 1 (Undergraduate)
JEM 243: Introduction to 3D printing & 3D modeling (Undergraduate)
JEM 333: 3D modeling & 3D Printing 2 (Undergraduate)
JEM 670: Introduction to 3D printing & 3D modeling (Graduate)
JEM 660: Advanced 3D modeling & 3D Printing (Graduate)
JEM OL 143: 3D Modeling & Printing 1 (Undergraduate Online)
Johnson & Wales University
Providence 2021-2022
Adjunct Faculty - Integrated Product Design
- Constructed a course around understanding the current landscape of CAD technologies and how different software tools match up with common design problems. focuses on one common direct modeling software to teach the basics of 2D drafting, 3D modeling, and output workflows. 
- Encouraged students to incorporate research, analysis, systems thinking, collaboration, and design thinking into their own creative process
IDES1030: Direct modelin
Cornell University
Ithaca 2020
Visiting Architecture Critic - Architecture
Advised students on midterm & final projects with criticism geared specifically toward parametric design & digital fabrication.
ARCH4101/4102: Design VII
Boston Architectural College
Boston 2015
Guest Lecturer - Architecture
Lectured on topics of advanced design for digital fabrication using 3D printing technologies & parametric design software.
DME2028: Digital Fabrication and Model Making
2022    Bits to Atoms ‘Computational Design at All Scales’
2022    Bits to Atoms ‘Computational Design of Rollerblade Frames’
2021    3D Printing Industry ‘Slicelab Spearheads Concrete Furniture Using 3DP’ 

2012    Contemporary Digital Architecture l  Edition 2. February
2012    AsiaSur magazine (Peru) / Edition no. 106 pgs. 94 - 98 /February
2012    Monthly Review of Architecture and Culture /Korea/pgs. 68-75 /August
2011    eVolo Skyscrapers Limited Edition Book 
2011    eVolo Architecture Magazine / July 
2011    Urukia Architecture & Design Magazine 
2011    Fahrenheit° Art and Lifestyle Magazine
2011    Urukia Architecture & Design Magazine 

2015        Pier 9 Residency 3DP Research 
2017        Guest lecturer at BCJ Talk 20
2018        Furniture Society Nexus Exhibitor
2019        AIASF Digital Innovation 
2020       AIASF Design Tech Meetup VR
2021        Autodesk Accelerate
2021        AIASF Design Tech Meetup 3DP
2024        CDFAM
2023    Hackathon winner - Lab Insights at OPT Industries
2022    Hackathon winner - Lab Insights at OPT Industries
2016    2nd Place: Branch Technologies 3D Printed House Design Competition  
2014    1st Place: Artworth Products Lamp Design Competition  
2011    Chair Competition: Selected for display at NY Chelsea Art Museum
2010    Collaborative Practice Award with Urban Build Design Studio 
2007    1st Place: National Concrete Masonry Association Design Competition
2005    Merit Award in Visual Arts Recognition and Talent Search [ARTS]
2004    National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts
Rhino / Grasshopper / Vray / Keyshot
Revit / Dynamo / Endscape
Maya / Fusion 360
SketchUp / Lumion
Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign
Premiere Pro / Camtasia
Zbrush / Mudbox
Meshmixer / MeshLab / Simplify3D
2024       3D Printed Flocking  (PPA Filed)
2024       3D Printed False Nails  (PPA Filed)
2024      3D Printed Athletic Padding (PPA Filed)
2023       3D Printed Vibratory Mat (Pending)
Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF/FDM)
Digital Light Process (DLP)
Stereolithography (SLA)
Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)
Selective Laser Melting (SLM)
Binder Jetting (Sand)
Robotic Arm Extrusion Printing
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