Chattanooga is home to a sprawling landscape that contains one of the nation's most densely populated vegetation. With revolutions in rapid prototyping, we envision architecture such as this design taking on construction principles of growth rather than simple assembly. Pulling inspiration from the first signs of growth found in a small sprouting plant, we formulated our concept of having architecture spring up and outward from a central point. 
​​​​​​​The majority of the design elements all stem from a central core. Creating an emerging wall from the center of the space allows one to fully experience the single volume while still incorporating strategic partitions for privacy. The utilities and all add-on fixers are also tied back into this spine. We also found inspiration by referencing a simple leaf section and establishing the basis of our structural form. The arced wing-like flanges of the leaf structure can take on the ability to span large unsupported spaces. The embedded beam-like spines also allow for longer cantilevered shading areas along the perimeter. 
Traditional means of construction call for multiple components that are aggregated together, however, this all-in-one design approach we implemented in the Folium Villa is meant to encapsulate all these elements into a seamless construction and experience. Using  Cellular Fabrication™ allows virtually unlimited design freedom using economical construction materials. With an intent to create a warmer feel within and alongside the concrete interior, reclaimed Southern Red Oak was chosen as complementary material. The obvious contrast pays homage to this highly populated red oak region in Tennessee and would be a realistic locally sourced material consideration.

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