This project was commissioned for a Glade plug-in commercial and a Vaga Brothers travel video blog.  The end goal was to create a space that allowed one to be fully immersed in the surroundings of the wilderness. This treehouse creates a 360° floor-to-ceiling panoramic view of the oxygen-rich forest. The structure sits between 6 giant Coastal Redwood trees and is completely suspended with an all-steel ladder tethered to its base. 56 Laser CNC’d steel diamond frames come together along with marine-grade plywood that parallels the openings to suspend a superstructure zome that’s peak height sits over 50 feet above the forest. 16 of the windows are operable with custom glazing reinforcing lever frames pivoting on piston joints. The entire structure weighs roughly 8200 lbs and is fully suspended with (8) 1/2” steel winch cables all reinforced by 24 secondary tree tie-offs. (It’s on Airbnb).

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