After recently finishing up some shoe designs toward the beginning of 2020, we were immediately inspired to rethink what a PPE could look like. Perhaps if facemasks and face shields were not so aesthetically displeasing, their stigma would have a different impact on the collective public. Working with a previous footwear developer from New Balance, we set off to create a fashion-forward solution that incorporated the comfort technology of footwear with the timeless elegance of eye ware. The idea was to create an ergonomic experience that reduced the strain of putting on a mask combined with a lightweight material that was breathable yet still protective.
After studying the airborne patterns of breathing particles, these facemasks aim to distribute and dissipate ones inhales and exhales differently. With strategic textile placements, this can be achieved in a way that directionally blocks droplets from entering and exiting. There is also a replaceable filter in the masks and they are designed to be machine washed as well. 

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