​​​​​​​The inspiration behind the Steam Lounge Chair’s design was found in the unpredictable movement of steam as it travels through the air. This furniture piece highlights the potential this concept has in providing a physical form for a unique lounge experience. The fluidity of the overall shape is a dynamic form that echos these elements, resulting in a unique and visually striking design. This chair takes a freeform approach in capturing a snapshot of this geometry, creating an elusive shape with a relaxing floating feeling for one to get lost in the flow of their thoughts. Since steam is immaterial and ephemeral, we wanted to give the impression that this chair’s form could change or be gone like thought, and just the same as steam disappears moments after it forms.

Material: Recycled PLA. Available in other colors.
Custom Made per order. Price available upon request.
Early in our design explorations, we were set on seamlessly incorporating armrests into the design to give one the feel of being fully enveloped in the seat. We knew this would come as a challenge as the most intuitive approach to 3D printing a lounge chair normally focuses on the side profile shape and is extruded along that axis. We rely on our innovative modeling tools to optimize the design for this process to be possible. The design takes into consideration the complex form needed to be structural while also ensuring that no support material would be needed during the print process. The chair was developed specifically for large-scale extrusion printing, which allows for a more cost-effective and efficient production with nearly no waste of material. We chose a clear material that represented the translucent layered effect that steam takes on as it moves. A matte black material was used to represent a darker more smoke-like steam that creates dark areas that emphasize the flowing movement.
process images

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